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Welcome to Script Scrap

Programming and scripting can be used for many things in the world of computers. Almost any computer task can be automated with a script. There are many scripting and programming languages available.

Why should I learn coding or programming?

There are many reasons to learn to code. Every where we look we see computers. Most people don't use their computer very effectively. Many people could do things much quicker on their computers if they would learn a few simple coding skills. Even one language can help someone a lot and once you learn one computer language, more come easily. There is no end to what you can do but it is easy to start.

What Language should I use?

It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to enhance your office program, Create neat computer graphics, Make your own website, or something else? Many applications have a programming language associated with them so that the end user can shorten his tasks if he wants to and knows how. If you use Microsoft Office, try learning VBA. If you use Open Office try learning Basic. If you use Blender consider Python, If you spend a lot of time in your web browser, look into the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and SQL. If you simply want to do basic math or basic file operations consider C, C++, or C#.

As you browse this site you can discover the uses of some of the many languages out there.

There are several things to consider when deciding which language to use for a given task:

What are the advantages of the “Web” and the “Cloud”?

When running your programs on your personal computer you are limited by your hardware. Running on the cloud you can get lots of resources for free and even more resources if you pay for them. Not only that, all your information is synchronized. You can work on your projects from whichever device and whatever location you want to.

Web development

The Internet is one of the fastest growing platforms because almost anything can run on the Internet. Placing your code on a server can allow anyone to run it remotely. The world wide web, a part of the Internet, is a popular platform to code for because it is standardized, easy to read, and quite powerful.